local variables

i want a detail analysis on local variables and its uses and how we use it and where will we use it?


Hi Shanmuga Priya,

  • Local variables are used to store data temporarily. 
  • These stored values will be lost when you refresh the screen or navigate to other screens.
  • These local variables are initiated to its default value when the page reloads.
  • You can create local variables to the screens, client actions, server actions etc.,
  • If the local variable is created in screen, then it is directly accessible inside the screen and the corresponding screen elements like client actions, data actions.
  • But, if the local variable is created under the client actions inside the screen, that cannot be directly accessible by the screen.

Hope it helps.


Aravind M

Hi Shanmuga Priya

May be you help this video https://www.outsystems.com/training/lesson/2069/variables


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