What will happen after the Id Attribute get full?
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11.12.3 (Build 50494)

The outsystems Id attribute is a big integer number in an Entity. Imagine a scenario that we have a ton of insert and delete operations using this Entity. This happens for some years and the Id field gets its maximum value.

In the scenario above, will the Id Attribute reset its value or database will crash the application?

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The long integer is up to 5645245584135987412 , u don't need to worry about that.

But if u got that upper bound, most likely there will be a runtime error, and if u want to be safer, try to use GUID as it is unique all the time across tables.


Thanks for the information! The GUID means General Unique Identifier, for example my custom Identifier?   

Correct. Its structure is a combination of mac address, time, some salt, it can be mac address of client (when generated using javascript) or server machine (Server action)... So there is no limit and unique.

Its usage, for example, for obfuscation in URL as it is harder format than just a simple identifier. Active X control is also used that GUID.

Great! I will go this way for tables that gets a lot of Insert and Delete

Can the guid be the only key ?   My wrong setup:

To test it, just go to the OS database, and set the autoincrement to that value.

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