[Native Geocoder Plugin] Plugin is not compatible with the "Swift Language Version"
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Forge component by Henrique Batista
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11.13.2 (Build 32392)

Hi Henrique,

It seems that the module is not compatible with the latest MABS version (8.0). Also manually setting it to a lower MABS versions (7.2 and 7.1) is not working unfortunatly.

When I remove the Native Geocoder plugin from my application I can build the application with MABS 8.0

 Is this anything you could fix in a new version?



Is anyone else encountering this problem? I have installed the latest version of this plugin.

Any updates on this problem?

Anyone else faces this issue? @Henrique Batista any chance you could update this forge component?

Hi @Bart Nooijens,

Unfortunately I'm not a native coder, I've built this component based on this git repository and it doesn't seem to have any updates lately.
On my side I've tested it and it's generating and working with MABS 8.0 (on android) so its probably a conflict with another plugin on your application.
Do you know which one?

Hi Henrique,

Thanks for your reply! I also created a new mobile application and only did reference the Native Geocoder plugin and it is generating and working. 

I never thought of the conflicting part because when I did delete the Native Geocoder plugin the application did generate successfully and therefore I was thinking this component was causing the problem. At the moment I do not know which application it is conflicting with. I have to do some testing on my end.


Hi Bart, just letting you know you're not talking into the void :). We're trying to find someone who could help here.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for letting me know. I did already look into the code myself but I am afraid my knowledge of native coding is not good enough to fix this problem. Hope there is someone to fix this problem.

Based in a previous experience I could say that this problem is because the app has plugins using different versions of swift, but I am not 100% sure.
Something like: Plugin A using swift 5 and Plugin B using swift 4.

Hi Carlos,

Yes, I think the problem has something to do with this. Let's wait if somebody is able to solve it.

Hi Bart,

My team managed to overcome this issue by following these steps:

1. Download https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7208/swift-support-plugin

2. Import the "Reference" action from this component in your project 

3. Use the Reference client action anywhere in the project (for example after the login)

4. Add this in the Extensibility Configurations of your module:

         "preferences": {
                "ios": [
                         "name": "UseSwiftLanguageVersion",
                          "value": "5"

5. Regenerate the build

Hope it helps!

Hi Lorena,

Thanks for letting this know. For now we have removed this component but I will check this solution for sure in the near future!

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