Managing MultiLanguage Dynamically

Anybody any idea how to manage the multiLanguage feature on runtime from an external source ?

Our customer has already, for another application, all labels (and "static" text) in several languages stored in a CMS.
Normally one would use an Excel sheet to do the translation and add it in ServiceStudio

How does OutSystems platform do the translation ?

Seen this : .NET - Localization using Resource file

Hi Joop Stringer, i'm with the same problem now.

Just wondering if you found any solution for the problem, or if in the meantime anybody or the platform has any solution.


Filipe Silva


Does someone have some tip to do it ?

I have the same goal.

Thanks in advance,

Luis Dinis

Hi Luis,

What exactly do you want to do? You can replace all text by expressions, and retrieving the text from an external source. This will however slow things down quit a bit.

Thanks Kilian,

I rejected that solution but my goal is to have the translation on my DB and the translation will be running on DB table instead of "Multilingual Locales resource".

So that way I would be able to Add/Change/Delete online instead Import/Export on Service Studio.

Hi Luis,

The Platform has its own handling (and caching) of localized texts, you can't piggyback that. Afaik translations of screen texts are not in the database at all, and translations of static entities are handled by additional database tables and views.

So if you really want to have all text managed externally to the Platform, there's no other way than the one I suggested (i.e. have expressions, or better webblocks, that show the label and handle the translation based on the current locale), and keep in mind that you can't translate static entity texts that way.