Delete Record from entity

Delete Record from entity


Is there a way to delete a record from an entity table that is already developed on the agile platform?

Hello Daniel and thanks for using Outsystems Agile Platform!

If I understand your question you want to delete a record from table...

- You can create a dummy screen with an action do delete a record with the specific identifier.


- You can use an advance query with :

WHERE condition

and click in Test button (don't forget to insert any Output Structure in advance query)

 "Database returned the following error:
Error in advance query QUERYNAME:
Key cannot be null. Parameter name: key"

This is the result of your query test but the record has been deleted.

Best Regards

Nuno Roxo
Yes i can do that.

I was thinking on deleting a few contacts selected by a checkbox, will that make my advanced query much longer?
Hello Daniel!

In attachment you have a simple example of a dummy screen to delete entity records.

I hope it helps!

Best Regards

Nuno Roxo
Great i have just did it.

I made a button for every record listed on my contact list web screen and pressing it will invoque
the delete contact action and shoot a feedback message to the screen.

Thank you for your time and for th help