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I'm trying to use "PDF.js" without forge, cz it isn't match my environment that i can't update by myself.

then, I faced the problem especially extension file can't load such as ".properties" and ".bcmap".

When I edited "locale.properties" to "locale.properites.txt", modified their references too, It is able to load.

Are there any restriction by extension?

Here is my oml. you can find the problem after click the button.




Hi Joe,

Adding JS script should be done using the Scripts folder in the Interface tab:

Please look at the reference guides on adding custom JS to get to know the best practices!


Thank you for your reply.

I'd like to use "viewer.html" too, it seem I can't add html file there.

Hi Joe,

Why would you want to add html files? OutSystems is built to design webpages and thus should save you the trouble of using .html. It looks you are trying to copy-paste a solution and I would say that OutSystems is not the right platform to do so.

As you can see the demo for viewer.html (HERE), It has functional UI and I need to use.

And my question is Why It couldn't find some files such as .bcmap, .properties.

Did you see my oml?

Hi Joe,

I did look at your OML, it is basically a .zip dump. You do know what .bcmap files do? It is a set of characters, fonts, styling etc. which is mostly used by Adobe software to create a styling package. You can look inside those files with a text editor and from there convert its (relevant) content into CSS, HTML and JS. 

I want to come back to my previously mentioned point: if you are so eager to replicate the styling of another HTML page, why are you using OutSystems in the first place? I think it completely missing the point of low-code and its strengths. 

By the way, the link you have sent is for a paper on JIT JS compilation, that is not a demo.

I think you do not know how to use pdf.js and viewer.html. The link is a demo opened by viewer.html.

You can find it here. https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js#online-demo

> missing the point of low-code and its strengths. 

Actually I agree with you completely, but it is request from client.

So if I understand correctly, your client wants to be able to view a PDF in-browser?

Why not use a forge plugin to make this happen? Here's an example: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/10271/pdf-viewer-by-url 

Unfortunately, they need to use trusted or OutSystems supported forge only.

It is given me very few choices..

So instead of using a perfectly fine OutSystems option, they rely on a bunched-together open source script and expect it to be safer/more reliable? As for your original question, it is possible to decompile all of the assets into OS doing a major amount of handcrafting. However, I feel like doing the stakeholder management and convincing the client a Forge plugin will suffice in this case is the better option here..

Thank you for your opinion. I hope it will going well.

By the way, it still remain the issue that we can't use some especially extension files without considering my position.

Does anyone know it?

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