[Custom Input Masks] 0 not selectable in day or month field
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11.14.0 (Build 54483)

when using the Custom input masks component for a date field format dd-mm-yyyy and for example you've entered 01-01-2021. If you want to change the day or month field to eg 11 it is not possible to select the 0 with your mouse. The cursor automatically jumps to the 1. Does anybody have a workaround for this?

You can also reproduce in Demo

On Github in Jquery.inputmask it is possible to select the zero

Hi Frank,

You ask "Does anybody have a workaround for this?" - so a workaround is suitable? Or do you need this to be fixed?

A workaround can be:

  1. To select it not with your mouse, but via your keyboard using arrows. 
  2. Select the "0" starting between the 0 and 1 and selecting backwards. 

The problem only exists when you try to select an element forwards and is not specific for the 0 either - also when you click between two numbers it automatically selects the character after the point  your cursor ends.

Kind regards,

Hi Betteco,

if you put it like that I would like it to be fixed. Our users don't want to switch to the keyboard to be able to change the date, also selecting backwards is not very intuitive so it will not be accepted.
It would be great if it could be fixed to work like the version of input mask from github or maybe the way it works like in Reactive Web where if it's a date field both numbers would be selected.


Hi Frank,

That makes sense, hopefully someone who worked on this component can work on it and try to fix it!
I was just looking for what happened and a workaround, as I used it before in my personal environment.

Kind regards,

Hey @Frank Sprengers I think now these issue has been resolved 

Hi Vaneen,
unfortunately not, or at least also in demo version still the same issue

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