[Traditional Web Sample] Calender widget Icons
Web icon
Forge component by João Costa
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.14.0 (Build 54483)

Hi friends, Hope you all fine ...

My problems is about on the result of Chrome browser screen Not getting the icons of paging navigation forward&backward and in calender widget prev&next month too.(only getting the box)

I tried to modify a class in CSS on inspect but it dint work well for me as I expected.

How can overcome this issue...

In any case if I forced to use any components from forge only, which one is better & how can I approach that?

I need your suggestions & help.🤝

Thanks & Regards 


Hi Steve,

I just loaded the same application and inspected what it looked at at my end. For me all icons are showing fine, so perhaps you can compare what you see with the info below.

The pagination has some content when you inspect the css (see below: "\f104" or "\f105").
But then the calender icon is just text ">"

If you look via google for ">" and for instance open the Wikipedia page about it, do you then see the icon in chrome?

I would expect modifying a class it not the answer, you need to check your Chrome settings. Perhaps try to uninstall and re-install with default settings if you cannot find a solution?

Kind regards,

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