How to use access native device APIs?

How to use access native device APIs?

When accessing specific device API, like file, photo, device ID, those are always very dependent on the device. We have used as one of the Platform that allows different devices to access native APIs. This involves installing PhoneGap in the device that exposes the following set of APIs, like File, Geolocation, Storage and others:

The APIs availability will vary according to the device:

After installing PhoneGap it is easy to create the wrapper with HTML 5 and Javascript to access the data, as detailed in each PhoneGap API documentation. In OutSystems they can se isolated in Expressions and WebBlocks.

Have you other experience when accessing device specific APIs on a mobile web context?

@Tiago Simões thanks for the input!


Pedro Carrilho
The answer to your question is yes, we used Phonegap before, also used titanium appcelerator.

Did not like both of them and ended up writing native objective-c code :)

Well only because our app isnt just a simple information app, otherwise we might of ended up using phonegap, but a better choice is to write a very thin client app for iphone/ipod/ipad or android, then load all the content as a html page (which you can create using the AP).