Adding the same metatags on each webscreen

Adding the same metatags on each webscreen


Still testing Agile. I need to add a bunch of metatags (ca. 30) to the head section of all the webscreens (ca 20) for all our campaigns (30), As I can see it you can create an entity for holding the metatags and in a for each loop you can add them to a webscreen with the AddMetatag (HTTPRequesthandler) action in the preparation. This I must do for each page then. Is there an easier way to deal with this (say: once for all the screens in a project/campaign) ?

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry,

Just encapsulate that logic in the preparation of a web block and put it in all your screens (or do that in a webblock that is already in all pages, e.g Common\Layout_Normal in 6.0 apps). 

Tiago Simões