Dropdown search Reactive becomes empty while searching with one result

Hello all

i am facing an issue with dropdown search widget in reactive app
when ever i am searching with some text which have only one result from the list

dropdown search becomes blank and if the search result having two result or no result then its working properly

Hey Shipra,

Can you please share Oml with entity  so I can help you.



hi yogesh

actually the uml is too big so i am not able to attach it

the flow is fetching country data in data action and on the bases of country id  fetching data from state aggregate and then filing dropdown with the list generated in aggregate

Hi Shipra,
I thing you have not captured country id on select of country. please capture country id into local variable and pass that value in filter of state aggregate.Then only you can able to get actual state result and bind it to dropdown

Please look into below link.

Forum (personal-dt37vy6p.outsystemscloud.com)
Is this like you required?





Data is fetched properly because its working fine when we don't have any search result or search result is more than one.'

Issue raise only if we have one search result

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