Am I missing something regarding user permissions?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.12.1 (Build 49734)

Am I missing something? A system has been passed onto me from my new work that the previous developer left without any documentations. And I am having a problem granting access from it for my account. I looked in the webscreen properties, under roles, nothing is restricting users there. I tried to manually grant admin access to my account from <environment>/users, still cannot access it. I also tried granting from the website's maintenance page using a different account but it still isn't accessible to my account. 

Is there any locations I should check? Did I miss something? Please help. Thank you!

what page should look like.PNG



If the application uses role base access (roles other than Register) on screens, then you need to assign those roles to the user account that you try to login. So you could inspect the screens of the applications in Service Studio, for which roles you need to assign yourself.

You write, that you have done the above, try then to see how the menu options are conditioned, maybe there is additional logic implemented that restricts access differently than the role base access as provided by OutSystems.



OMG you're right! I looked at the Source Web Block's preparation and saw some account validation there. I also discovered that the maintenance isn't for the site's permission but for other things. Thank you so much for your input!

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