[DataModel] Customer Invoice

Attached is an example of a simple customer invoice data model, that you could customise and use in your application.


Awesome, Robert. Thanks for sharing!
No problem, hope it helps someone :)
Hi Robert,

I see it's a while ago for you coping this topic. However I was struggling with the invoice topic myself. I've also seen your comment on topic: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/7096/not-in-sql/
In that invoice topic you set the invoice ID into the Invoiceline as a foreign key.

As in this picture/design it looks like you have set the invoicelineid (orderid) at the invoice.

Therefore I'm puzzled.
I would like to know how I can create an invoice and connect it to all the invoicelines that have been entered for the last month.
I hope you can shed a light on it?

Hi Arnold,

They are two different models.
The one from this topic tell us that one Order from a Customer can have multiple Invoices associated. The other post show the lines of an Invoice.

In fact that InvoiceLines can be added to the model shown in this post.

Hope that i've been clear in my explanation.
Okay that's clear, Thx!

I'm now struggling how I can create inovoices; what code or command do I have to use?

To be a little bit clearer. In the practice there are several therapists who enter during a month all their treatments of their patients. By the end of the month I 'should' be able to create the invoices with one click ...... (I hope)

Anyone who can help me out/point me into the right direction?



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