Azure AD Single sign on using Users app redirected to Users app not the right app
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Hi I'm using the Users application to authenticate into another application and I changed it to Single Sign on using Azure Ad.  Still using the Users application.  When signing into this application users are redirected to the users app but not the application, sometimes!!  It is like when the actual sign on is done through microsoft signon the user is redirected to the users application but after that sometimes the user is sent to the real application and sometimes to the users!

My config is like this: 

And the Azure config:

It is my understanding that I'm supposed to go to the url in the Identifier Id but not to the /users url.  Am I doning something wrong?

I've been using this to guide me:*irqcnv*_ga*MTY2NTQzNDU0Ny4xNjQwMTAyNDk5*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTY0MDE3MjQ5OC4yLjEuMTY0MDE3NjIzNy40Mw..  


Hi Viktor,

I had that problem a year ago.

It got fixed with Platform Server 11.10.1 (RPM-395). Are you using an older version?

Hi Joao thank you for your quick response.  Sorry for my stupidity but the version of the Platform server is that the version number in the footer of LifeTime application?

If so our version is:  Version 11.5.4 (Build 1195)   That would explain this issue.

But then there is follow up question how do I update?  I'm in the believe that Outsystems is supposed to update our environment because we are hosting everything with them but not on Prem! Do we have to ask for an update!?


Hi Viktor,

The Lifetime environment has a different version number compared to other environments. 

You should login to Service Center of the respective environment where you did the configuration inside the Users app. In the top right corner you can see the Platform Server version.



Hi Viktor.

Check the version in Service Center, at the right of any screen.

To upgrade follow OutSystems instructions detailed here.

Ok thank you both, I see that I have 11.7.6 (Build 29678) so the problem is likely because of a too old version.

I'll get my team to upgrade.

Thanks again for giving you the time to help me out

Just to close this Question, after Upgrade from 11.7.6 to 11.14.0 the problem seems to be solved.  Thanks to @Joao Melo 


Thanks for confirming that was indeed the issue Viktor.

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