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Evening all,

I'm struggling with some ?basic content handling stuff in my first mobile application.

I want to access this web page from within my app. First, I created a new 'External Site', and linked the menu item to this. However, in iOS, there's no back button, and so users would have to close the app and re-open it to return to the app homepage. 

So, I downloaded the 'embedded browser' plugin, which provides a back button for iOS, and now have an IF rule in the menu, detecting the OS, and providing the appropriate menu item.

However, the web page I want to access is basically a PDF library, and PDF's stored on the wordpress website do not open when using either of these methods (Nothing happens when clicking the link). PDF's stored in Google Drive do open, but I assume that's because they open in the Google Drive viewer, and so the opening and viewing of the file is handled by Google and not by the app.

Surely there's a simpler solution to this?

I would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you

Hi Leigh,

Have you tried the InAppBrowser plugin?

Since you are developing a native mobile app, I might help you to use a specific component for mobile apps. Also, this component is developed, maintained and supported by OutSystems.

Let me know if this helped you.

Kind regards,


Hi Ricardo, and thank you for your response.

I wasn't using the InAppBrowser plugin maintained by OutSystems, but I have tried it, and that doesn't seem to work well either.

Here's my settings:

I've tested this on new android and iOS devices, and when I click the button, nothing happens!

Hi Leigh,

Were you able to debug and obtain the error message the plugin gives? Or just to log or sent a print of the error to the screen. 

If you can share that info, we'll have more info on what's happening.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Real

Hi Ricardo. 

There is no error message. Just, nothing happens when I click the menu item.

Assume this means I've not configured the plugin correctly somewhere?

HI  Leigh Rogers

Can u please Share the PDF Links.

Thanks and regards

This is the page that the menu item links to 


And the PDFs are contained on there. 

Hi  Leigh Rogers

For iOS u can use the in Inappbrowser File open it will work,
For Android u can use the file viewer plugin to use open document client action https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1606/file-viewer-plugin


Hi @Dhineshkumar Sekar,

Thank you for the response and apologies for the delay - I'm a paramedic working night shifts at the moment.

I've replicated your flow above as illustrated here... (Messages for diagnostic purposes).

I have a Google Pixel 6 Pro and an iPhone 12 as my test devices. The "iOS" and "Android" messages show on each device appropriately when I press the link in the menu, but nothing further happens on either device, nor on the web test link.


The 'Open' action is configured like this:

I have tried it with all four possible different options under the 'Target' drop down box, none of which make a difference (The OS message appears, but nothing happens afterwards). 


The 'OpenDocument' action is configured like this: 

I assume it's something really daft that I'm doing wrong... Hoping you can tell me!

Thank you very much.

I added a CheckPlugin stage, and realised that the plugin isn't available, and that I need to generate a new build of the app. I've now tried to do that, but am getting this error message. Trying to troubleshoot it now...

I've been able to resolve the above errors. Just testing the app now... Update to follow later!

I've now managed to get iOS working lovely - very happy with the flow and it looks decent too.

I'm still struggling with android though;using the FileViewer plugin suggested above, the URL opens fine with android, but doesn't then open the PDF files. When I click on them, nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you 

HI Leigh Rogers


Can u pl send me the OML file , will debug and let u know if its possible .


OML attached; thank you very much for your help. 


So, I'm using the FileViewer plugin to open this URL https://askearl.co.uk/home/clinical-support/?HideMenu=1

When a user clicks on one of the PDF's, I just want it top open within the browser.

The InAppBrowser plugin works for iOS.

But, regardless of whether I'm using the InAppBrowser plugin, or the FileViewer plugin, neither opens PDF's on any of my three different android devices.

Hi Leigh Rogers ,

File URL is the issue in  your Code , you have give the full URL to open document then only open the PDF file in Android change the URL format then automatically start the works. I passed the ios and andriod  same URL check it once.





Not sure I understand...

I think I understand that you are telling me to direct link to a specific .pdf file.
Is it not possible to browse to https://askearl.co.uk/home/clinical-support/?HideMenu=1, and then click on a pdf file from there?

Might anyone have any other ideas?

To reiterate; I'm seeking to

1) Use an inapp browser (or similar), to open this web page.

2) Have it open the pdf's natively inside the app when the user clicks on one of the many links.

It works beatifully on iOS using the inAppBrowser plugin, but does not work in android; the link generally opens fine, but nothing happens when I click on the PDF links.

If I use the FileViewer plugin as advised above to open the link, it opens it in the external browser, and not within the app.

Thank you


I'm still struggling with Android behaviour, as described above, and haven't been unable to progress at all.
Can anyone offer any further direction, please?

Thank you

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