how to use a Radio button ?
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Hi all,

I am showing duplicate records on a popup.
I want to change the is active value of the selected radio button data. I havent used a radio button till no so am getting confused binding the variable and the value.

Please help!

There is an image for the reference.

Thank you.

Hello wahaj,

Hope you are doing well.

In below post ossama has been explained well. You can refer it.

Hope it helps.


Ajit kurane.

Hello wahaj, 

if in your aggregate you are having IsActive field than directly bind that value with the radio button so  on the bases on aggregate it will show and on click of radio button update the IsActive value

if your using only radio button it will give result in Boolean (true or false)if its click true if its not unclick

Thanks and Regards
Akshay Deshpande


Hi Wahaj,

What are you trying to achieve? As I have a feeling that a radio button might not be the best solution here.
Radio buttons unlike checkboxes can only be turned on. To turn them off you need another radio button in the same name group. And you can only have 1 radio button active per name group.
So in your case either you have them in separate name groups and they'll turn on based on you "is active" but you won't be able to turn them off.

Of you put them all in one name group but only 1 can be active at the time ( even if you have multiple "isActive" records it will only have an active radio button on 1 of them. It will however not de activate the other records).

I suspect you might want to use checkboxes instead

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