Creating a role and assigning the permissions


I should be able to create roles and assign permission for each of the screen. Please see to the attached screenshot.

Is this possible to create this in outsystems?

Hey Rakshitha,

Everything is possible, I would say that you have 2 options:
1) Create 4 sub-roles for each role, for example: Dashboard - Dashboard_VIEW, Dashboard_CREATE, Dashboard_EDIT, Dashboard_DELETE
2) Create a permissions manager in OutSystems, where you design your own data model to support the permissions to view, create, edit and delete.


Luís Almeida

Thanks for your response, I would like to know how to create a role programmatically and assign the permission to created roles. 

It would be more helpful if you give an example for that above use case.

Hey Rakshitha,

You won't be able to create OutSystems Roles programmatically since they need to be created on Service Studio.

But you need to come up with a data model to support your use case, my recommendation is to check the data model that OutSystems uses for their roles from the tables User, User_Role and Role.
Be advised that if you create all your roles programmatically you will lose some key features from OutSystems like the Role Check on every screen for example.

In essence what you will have to make is your own version of the Users Application.

Adding to the Luis Almeida answer.

You can watch below video. I hope it will help you.


Ajit Kurane.


Hi Rakshitha,

Please have a look here, that should provide you with all the information you need

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