[CKEditor 5] Found error : "editorndICe is not defined"
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Forge component by Vincent Koning
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11.14.2 (Build 56067)

I found an error : "editorndICe is not defined" (The detail as attachments) when web loading screen that use  forge asset : "CKEditor 5".

Please suggest the solution of this case to me.


Hi Jannarong,

I can't find any reference to this error anywhere. I also checked our logging to see if we also have this issue internally which is not the case. 

  1. Is editorndICe the name of the CKEditor component?
  2. Are you prefilling data into this component and if so, how?
  3. Are you using any other actions to configure or read the component like SetContent, SetEditorState or GetEditorState?

And finally, 

Can you show me, in-depth, on how you implemented this component? So not only the the configuration of the component but also method of the possible prefilled data. It sounds like a race condition where the data is already available or where actions are trying to configure the component but the component is not yet loaded.

You can prevent these race conditions to make use of the IsReady event that is triggered by the component when everything is done loading. Only then you can start to communicate with the component.



Thank you for answer, but I can't still fix this problem. I will explain my scenario that I test in my application.

step 1 : I navigate to screen that it have the text editor (CKEditor).

step 2 : I navigate to previous screen suddenly by back button.

the error will be show something like "editorh2xds is not defined".

Please add screenshots of how you implemented the ckeditor component. I do not have access to your environment (nor do I want to) and I really need more information to solve your issue. It sounds like you try to configure the component before it is initialized by the browser. Again, make sure you make use of the of the IsReady event.

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