My IDE keeps getting reset
Service Studio Version
11.14.2 (Build 56067)


My Service studio keeps getting reset. On  PC startup my environments are being forgotten and I need to reaccept the Terms of service. Is this a known issue? Any way how I can fix this? I have not manipulated any files in my folders outsystems related.

Where is this info stored in my folder? Perhaps a file went corrupt for some reason.


It is known it can happen from time to to time.

If it happens on a daily basis, there is indeed something else wrong.

(I have the same build, and i have no issue)

In %AppData%\Local\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 11.0 there is a file "settings.xml"

You can try delete it (or rename it/back it up) and try again.

Seems to be fixed! I was looking and it didn't have a service studio cache. Apparently there is appdata local & appdata roaming. Which I now understand the difference between. (Which makes quite a lot of sense!)

Had one in local but not in roaming and if i do the '%appdata%'  get sent to roaming instead of local.

Backed up the file and deleted it seemed to do the trick.

Possible causes: 

1) Laptop ran out of power with Service Studio still active.

2)  Me trying out Integration studio for the first time

3) Reactivating my personal environment

These are the only things i could think of.

Much thanks Joost for pointing out the local appdata thought there was no difference! :) 

Have a nice day!

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