Error shows up when opening a module in Service Studio
Service Studio Version
11.12.5 (Build 51077)
Platform Version
11.13.0 (Build 31107)

When I open a module in Service Studio, I got the below error in our in-house on-premise environment. Why is this error happening?

In personal environment, I don't get this error. There is no issue.

Do I have to upgrade Service Studio? I wonder how I can do it.

I'd like you to tell me any good advice on this error.


Hi Tsubasa,

See this post where the same error occurred while updating a Forge asset. 

Apparently the authentication mechanism of the platform was improved, so it would require upgrading your platform server version to 11.14.0 and as suggested is always good to install the latest stable version of Service Studio as well.



Hi Nordin,

Thank you for your comment.

I tried to install this Forge BDD Framework Reporting Reactive .

But Version tab of the link says above platform server version 11.12.0 is fine.

 Also my platform server is 11.13.0.

In this case, 

am I right in thinking that  all I need to do is to just reinstall the latest stable version of Service Studio to solve the error?

I wonder if I don't have to upgrade my platform server version to 11.14.0 ...


Hi @Tsubasa Yoshikawa 

 You just need to install the latest version of the service studio,

I have attached the below link

Because you used an old version, that's why give the error 

please try it 

I hope it will help you 



Hi Vednarayan,

Thank you for telling me.

I reinstalled the latest version of the service studio then uploaded the oap file(The forge component) again. However, I end up getting the same error. 

By the way, the correct thing should be like this if I installed successfully.

But now, my installed forge is missing "Home" module(BDDFrameworkReportingReactive)..

I wonder if there is something I need to do somewhere in my Service Center...

Do you have any ideas on any other causes?

Regarding this Forge, Also I'm actually posting another one here.#1961



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