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I recently added the service (Image To Text by https://www.outsystems.com/profile/oztzcyr3u2/ https://jah.outsystemscloud.com/ImageToTextDEMO/), it works perfectly on the web, but when I open the browse on mobile it is not working and is giving the error "the connection has timed out". Can you help me?


Hope you doing well and wish you happy new year  first.

The connection  time out error occurs in 2 scenario 

1.when bad network

2.when service takes more time execute result.

I will suggest to check for input required  for services are same input used/passed when trying on mobile.



Thanks for answer

Hi Felipe Santos

This usually occurs when the server action exceeds the module's timeout threshold, which by default is 10 seconds.

1. You can increase the server action timeout to a higher limit

2. Your internet connection may be unstable, you can take the speed test via this link https://fast.com/pt/

3. You can use a standard outsystems action that checks the type of device you are currently using, and change the timeout at runtime, for example, if you are using Desktop > keep the default timeout, if you are using mobile, change the timeout to 20 seconds or more for example, it depends a lot on your connection

- Cheers

If the error persists, could you send me a private message notifying you?

That I'm going to take a closer look at the component, which could be some kind of problem for it.

- Cheers

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