Tree Widget

I am new to the platform and am playing with the tree widget. I am a little lost as to how to implement this into a new application. I want to use the tree list to populate a list of folders with documents in each folder but I am not sure how to use the Tree Row to link to my folder list. Step by step would be very appriciated.
Hi James,

Did you see the sample, and checked it out on our demo server? It might help you better understand how it works.


Paulo Tavares
I have seen the demo but again I am a rookie here so it doesn't help me on how to use it. If you could provide me some more clarity that would be appriciated.

What I am trying to accomplish is I have a table for contacts and a table for companies. I want the companies to represent the folders and the contacts to be the nodes but am lost on how to bring it together.


I've built a small sample (6.0), see attached. Let me know if it helps.

Paulo or anyone who knows the answer,
Thanks for creating that small sample application.  That was most helpful.  I do have a small followup question?  What if I want one of the options in the tree to be directed to another web screen(instead of a URL link) when selecting a particular branch in the tree???


Hi Frank,

Just use the name of the screen (or the name of the entry point) in the URL:

To make your code compliant with both .Net and Java stacks of the platform, you can use the action GetEntryURL from the HTTPRequestHandler extension (it will add the .aspx suffix in a .Net installation):
Thank you Paulo!!!!  That is what I needed.  Reading through all of the forums on the tree widget and the tree widget apps that you guys are building on Outsystems....has been most helpful.  You guys are great and thanks for the fantastic advice and quick responses.  I am an Outsystems believer!!!
Hi Frank, 

Thanks for the feedback, that is one of the things that makes the team also as believers ;)

Do you have a tree widget version 6.0?
Hi Luis,
See attached a 6.0 version.