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I need to integrate an SDK with OutSystems.

To integrate the SDKs with OutSystems, we need to create a new cordova plugin. With the creation of the new plugin, however, we would have a native app integrated with the OutSystems app, therefore not customizable through OutSystems.

SDK in question uses JAVA API so it cannot be used directly with OutSystems.

Do you know if it is possible to convert the JAVA code into .net through ikvm to be able to use it through an OutSystems extension even if inside there are java android components such as Bluetooth?

What kind of plugin do you need?

these kind of plugins you can create or use from forge.


Your question mentions java android components while talking iKVM, which kinda makes me think you might be mixing some concepts - iKVM can be used on server side, while OutSystems mobile apps & cordova plugins are running on mobile device. Is this SDK you are talking about a mobile (=android native) sdk/library or is it a server side SDK (=java app / lib)?

For mobile SDK:s, @Stefano Valente's answer above would be a valid starting point.

If it's server side SDK, my answer would be "yes," with a disclaimer. You need to be aware of the single shot nature of OutSystems extensions, aka. new instance of all things inside your extension is created every time you are calling your extension actions. 

If your library / sdk is meant to be initialized once and then used throughout the lifetime of your app, you need to design your integration around that limitation. Usually there's one OutSystems extension action to initialize & return an object, while rest of the actions have this object parameter as their input - see for example how Text.StringBuilder or XML related actions are implemented.

IKVM can be used in OutSystems server side (if no other options exist), but again, you need to be aware of the tech limitations and the additional overhead you are introducing by running a java virtual machine on top of .NET (see also the previous paragraph).

Hi Paolo,

If  you are trying to use SDK of mobile , then yes you have to create cordova plugin to communicate with Outsystems mobile application  .

Best Regards ,

Vivek P.


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