[LazyDropdownSearch] Cannot install with OutSystems UI 2.8.0, could you update dependencies?
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Forge component by Steven Decock
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I cannot install this component in our environment, as we are using OutSystems UI 2.8.0.

Would it be possible for you to release a new version, with it's dependency to Outsystems UI updated to the latest version?

Thanks for your effords!

Did you try to force the install of the component and then update your references in the environment ?

Usually that workaround works well  

Indeed, don't worry about the component using an older version of OutSystemsUI.  It hardly uses anything from OutSystemsUI anyway.  
It doesn't make much sense to update Forge components that depend on OutSystemsUI every time there is a new OutSystemsUI version.

You can safely ignore the warning and do a  Force Install.

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