IsSemiCircle property for Progress Circle not showing in Reactive Web App
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Hi! I am using a Progress Circle in a Reactive Web App. 

According to documentation, the Progress Circle should have property IsSemiCircle and AdvancedFormat, as the documentation "Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps ". I noticed that these properties are actually missing for Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps, and only available for Traditionally Web App.

Am I missing something, or is the documentation wrong?

The documentation is under Traditional Web Patterns, so I am suspecting it need to be edited/corrected.

Other references are here and here 



Hi Rabih,

agree with the conclusion that documentation is wrong.  That page is clearly for traditional, so that comment was added at the top by accident in august of 2021, I think.  You can help Outsystems by going to this documentation page and report your findings.

The documentation for Reactive is here.

So in Reactive, they have taken away some of the options for customizing that were there in reactive, apparently.  If you really need this semi circle option, you could look into the js library they refer to on the Traditional page, and make your own widget, maybe.


Thanks Dorine! 

This got me running in circles for a while. I will make sure to report it.



Hi @Rabih Shehayeb

I'm sorry for the confusion this caused. Indeed the article was wrongly marked as "Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps " and we've fixed that.

Thank you for submitting feedback on the documentation, we're always listening!

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