How I can make an Grid???

Hi all.

I have the enxt problem: What object allowed me make a grid?????? 
Or DataGrid, as you know.....
TableRecord. You can just drag an entity from the list onto the screen and it will set the whole thing up for you. If you haven't gone through the video tutorials already, I highly recommend them, they are a GREAT way to learn the platform.

Ok thank very much...........
Isn't there any more expedient control like UI grid control? I can't cope well with TableRecord. Or is there any detailed guide? The guide for data grid control is also helpful.
Instead of the tableRecord you can use the table as well.

Uchiha itachi, what problems do you have with the TableRecord?

Esteban, if you haven't already, check the training videos at the Academy
They go over the basics and display in the very few videos how to use a Table Records to display data in a tabular way.