Reactive Email - Send Email Id

In traditional you could get the information of a "Send Email" as it was stored within the platform (The identifier was returned). In reactive there does not seems to be such a output-variable. (Maybe I am not looking at the right place ;)) 

This means, if we want to use sent emails, we need to implement a traditional (service) application to handle the emails (I do not want that if I can avoid it)

If anyone has a solution to prevent the traditional scenario, please don't hold back your thoughts;)

BTW I noticed I can enter a local variable on an email template, but no logic or anything can be set to the var (except some default value).... kinda strange ;)

Hi Patrick,

I think the content of a "Reactive" email is also stored within the platform, just like the traditional emails, as long as you enable logging of the content: 

You are right about the EmailId not being returned in Reactive; however when I export the email logs to Excel in Service Center, I see some Message-Ids and EmailDefinition-Ids.

I don't know about an easy way of getting the sent email content in runtime (maybe using Platform APIs can be a way), but it seems to be possible. What is your use-case here? I'm curious why you need to "reuse" a sent email :) 

We also want to show a user their sent emails related to a particular case. Hence I would like to be able to connect the sent email (btw not to the 'case management case' > that might actually be possible via the framework :)  ).

Are there any plans to add this id as an output for reactive as well?

For now we used a traditional web email to archieve it. Within the traditional way of working, there is an I’d available of the email, as stored within the platform. 

Workaround, but it works

Was thinking to do this as well for now. Sub optimal but works indeed :)

Thanks for the reply!

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