question on account merging : Outsystems friend since value + migrating data

2 questions in this post :

First, does the "Outsystems friend since" information from your account get transfered as well when merging accounts?
If so, can I assume the oldest value will win? :-)

I want to merge my account with a new company account, but I would find it a loss if my community entry date got reset to today's date value...

Secondly, apps built in the closing account can be transfered via the .oml file download, I read in another forum post.
But what about the data migration? Should I export all table records myself to repopulate the app's data on the new environment?

Hey Gwen,

I've recently migrated my account and I confirm that yes, your OutSystems friend since is also migrated.




Hi Gwen

The better approach to keep the Same Profile is to Update Email instead of creating & merging two accounts. But in case when you want to merge the account I would suggest you to check carefully with OS Team because one of my collogue lost everything. I feel it depends on from which account to which account you are merging it and it keeps the TO Account Data saved! 

Please confirm this first.  

In my specific case, I moved companies more than once.  In previous moves my "Friend Since" date was retained, but in the latest move my CTO recommended that I create a new account instead of updating the email as I had done before.  My certifications were retained but my "Friend since" date was set to the date I joined the previous employer (2020) , instead of when I started working with Outsystems in 2017.  

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