[AppAvailability Plugin] AppAvailabilityPlugin always returns false
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I'm using the SchemeCheck action in a native Android app, and it returns false even though I'm positive I'm using the correct package name as a parameter. I've checked the package name on my device, and I'm able to redirect to the applications I'm checking using the same package name. I've tried this with several apps on my device.

Anybody have any idea what the issue might be? 


Hi Johan,

Thanks for reporting that, Android did change some bits since this plugin was made. I'll take some time to update the source code in order to try to make it compatible with recent Android versions.

I'll try to update it still today, stay tune to this thread as I will reply here when done.


That's wonderful, thank you so much for your fast reply!

Hi Johan,

I've just uploaded a new version. It should work as expected now :).

Check the release notes for more info, but I've also included the option to return the Version of the application (this feature is only available on Android).

And I've also included one demo app, to be easier to test and see how the plugin works.


Works like a charm now! Thank you again :)

I am running into this same issue but only on the iOS side.  I had the previous version of the plugin installed and everything worked great.  After I updated only Android is working properly.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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