How to pass data between web screens and retrieve/display record info

I want to pass data from a form field (customer ID) to a subsequent web screen that displays name and address information related to that customer - i.e. I want to pass the customer ID and use this to retrieve certain fields from a certain record in a database table and display them.

What is the easiest way of doing this?
Hi Marcus,

Using OutSystems Agile Platform you can do this easy!
Using the Intelliwarp functionality the Service Studio (IDE OutSystems) creates a "List" screen to display data from your entity. If you drag the entity to the Web Flow a second time, the Service Studio creates the Edit Screen. If you do this one more time, you get the Show Screen.
Is the easiest (and faster) way to create "Basic" Screens in Agile Platform.

Hope it helps..And, Welcome to Outsystems Community :)

Hélder Anselmo
Thanks for your reply.  I think we need to word it a bit better.  We need to retrieve a specific record created in Entity A and display them. We 'know' the specific record as the Customer ID needs to be passed from the previous web screen. Can you let us know how to do that?


Hi Marcus,

If i understand your problem, you have created a record in Entity A. This record contains a Customer ID. Now, you want to retrieve Data from Entity A Where Customer ID equal to "your Customer ID" - From previous Screen.
You need to Create the new Screen with Customer ID input Parameter. In Screen Preparation you need a Simple Query that represents your SQL Statement.
This Simple query must have a Customer ID Input Parameter, and equal to your Screen Input Parameter.
Now, in your screen, you need a Show Record that displays your Data (from Preparation Simple Query).
Is the Customer ID your Primary Key or Unique? If not, your query could retrieve more than one row...

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Hélder Anselmo