[Notification Registrant Plugin] Unable to generate android app after using Notification registrant plugin
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I am using Notification Registrant plugin for getting device token for Push notification. But I am not using any google services provided by the plugin. Due to this, I am facing issue while generating android app with the error "There was an issue generating the app. Some plugins using Google Services aren't correctly configured." . However, the ios build generation works fine.

The trace from android mobile app generation logs is as follows:

File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it. 

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]    Searched Location: 

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/src/nullnull/debug/google-services.json

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/src/debug/nullnull/google-services.json

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/src/nullnull/google-services.json

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/src/debug/google-services.json

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/src/nullnullDebug/google-services.json

[2022-02-07T12:24:28.263Z] [ERROR] [Build]   source/platforms/android/app/google-services.json

I have tried adding empty google-services.json to the resources but still it does not work.

How can i disable this google services in the plugin since I am not using it ? 

Or maybe if we have any other way to fix, please let me know.


Sorry, I don't know about these google services and I'm not familiar with android.
I also encountered the error when I built as android Debug(apk).

Following steps prevent the error on my site. 

1. Download cordova plugin's source code zip archive from GitHub.

2. Extract the zip.
3. Delete src/android folder.
4. Remove lines corresponding to android from plugin.xml.
5. Create a new zip file from the modified directory.
6. Add the new zip file to Resource section to NotificationRegistrantPlugin module.
7. Change Extensibility Configurations property of the module like below.

"plugin": {
"resource": "phonegap-plugin-push-master"
"resource": "phonegap-plugin-push.zip"

8. Publish the modified plugin module.
9. Refresh references app using the plugin module.

Of course, these steps mean the module lost ability for android.
If you need the ability for android, sorry I can't help you.

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