[Elastic APM for Server] Using Elastic APM for Server
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11.13.1 (Build 53655)
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11.13.1 (Build 31652)

I followed the steps described in the DOCUMENTATION section of the following URL to configure Elastic Server, but the information does not appear in Kibana. If anyone has experience with this Forge specification, please let me know the configuration procedure.

Elastic APM for Server - Documentation | OutSystems

I have tried the following settings.

-using the InitializeServer client action in the OnApplicationReady

-ServerUrl: server URL that was provided by Elastic

-ServiceName: "APM_Client"

ServiceVersion: "1.0"

SecretToken: The secret token that was provided by Elastic

MetricsIntervalMS: "1000"


Hi shigeru kimura

Are you adding the PageName  equal to your application name that you create on Elastic website? 

Hi João Martins Pereira

Thanks for the reply. However, the Forge component I'm using is [Elastic APM for Server].

I think the image you uploaded is [Elastic RUM]. I can confirm that you can see the information in the Elastic Website using [Elastic RUM].

I am trying to verify the operation of [Elastic APM for Server] to see if there is any difference between [Elastic RUM] and [Elastic APM for Server] in the information that can be viewed on the Elastic Website.

If you have any information on this, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

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