Adding WSS security headers to SOAP calls

I need to add security headers to my SOAP calls, but I'm having some trouble. 

I have been able to get a working connection in SoapUI and now I'm trying to replicate this call in OutSystems. In SoapUI, I had to enter the following in the settings: keystore (with its Key Identifier Type set as Binary Security Token), Signature Algorithm, Signature Canonicalization and Digest Algorithm. These settings are then applied to all outgoing calls. I have attached a file that shows an example of what I'm trying to replicate (I have left out some sensitive parts and put them between square brackets). 

I have so far tried the following:

The last approach seems promising, if I get that error to go away. Does anyone know what may cause this error?

Also, is there any other way of setting the necessary header settings? Even if I get the object reference error to go away, this approach feels a bit messy. The values of some of the headers change with every call I believe, and it does seem a bit weird to have to do this using a transformation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Example call.txt


Hi Milo,

The last time I add to add wss headers I used this extension:

It worked well for me.

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