Create a own search engine


 I want to create a own search engine, How can i do in reactive web ?


What kind of search engine you are expecting?
Is it only related to current project or it will be global like google.


Yogesh J

like a google

you can build everything you want in Outsystems. But the question should be: 

What would be the best architecture to build a search engine like google.

I don't think its realistic to build a thing like that by yourself. Not only because of the complexity in code, but also the costs of the hardware. How are you going to build those hundreds of datacenters?


Google also providing custom search engine, it has some limitation and restriction.

check for above link, you will get an idea what is it and what kind of features are provided by google.

I tried it but it has some limitation like you can search anything from only those site which you configured.


Yogesh J.


I want like a google..


What is wrong with and should you build it ?

I think its too complex for him. Perhaps he should try something more easy: Facebook? :)

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