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I'm new to the this platform and would like more information on how to customize the New Employee Onboarding app. Are there any more videos and/or documentation for this asset.  This is exactly what I'm looking for; however, I'm stuck because I need to learn a little more about Outsystems platform.  Any assistance will be deeply appreciated.  Thanks.

Hi Makeba,

Apparently no documentation is added for this component yet. The documentation would just give high-level information on how the component works and not much technical details, anyway. And I wouldn't expect a component-specific video, either.

However, when you install the component in your environment, you get 4 modules which you can open and change according to your needs. You will see that it is developed nicely with best practices in mind, and the most important functionalities are in place.

When you gain some basic knowledge on how to develop in OutSystems, you can start customizing the app, publish (and/or deploy) and start using immediately.

The Guided Paths in the Training section are a very good starting point to begin your journey.

Happy coding! :) 

Hello Makeba,

Happy to know that this app is exactly what you are looking for.

What Ozan said is a very good step towards becoming more aware of what you can do with the platform and I definitely recommend that, however can you share what type of customizations are you trying to do? That way I can update documentation and help others :)


Thank you for the response.  I actually began the Reactive Web Dev guided path last night and it has been very helpful with detailing all the items and tools in Outsystems.  @Christiana Actually, I like the New Employee Onboarding as is, it's everything I've been trying to build with no code platforms.  I would just customize the branding, colors and add in the funcitionalities shown in the demo video like eLearning, DocuSign features,  etc.  If there are any documentation regarding our to set up the DocuSign feature, that would be much appreciated.  Thanks, again!

For the DocuSign use case you can take a look at the Document Signing asset and follow the documentation there.

For the branding you can use the Theme Editor inside Service Studio to change the color scheme as a quick way to get started on that change. It might still need some manual work for minor details and for that you can check this Look and Feel section in our Documentation.

I'll update the documentation for this app with the links to the Document Signing and how to change the look and feel. Do you have any other customization in mind?

Thank you, this would be very helpful.  I will start with the information you've provided and get to work on that.  I'm sure I will have more questions as I dig deeper into customizing the app but this is a great start.  Thanks for taking the time to field my questions.

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