Multi-tenant application using Workflow Builder


I am trying to make an app generated from Workflow Builder multi-tenant.  I've already made all modules (App, CS, Th, Config and WF) and entities multi-tenant, and created a new tenant and its users in addition to the default Users tenant with using Forge component, "Multitenant Management". 

In the Multitenant Management, I could setup the users' role, but couldn't link a user to a group that is the one all workflow activities are actually assigned to.  So, I logged in the Users as an admin of the new tenant and tried to link  a user and a group, but no groups were shown up.  Groups are listed when I log in as a user of the Users tenant.

The `{AppName}GroupMatrix Entity generated by the Workflow Builder is static entity, so I thought groups were shared among different tenants. But do I need to create groups for each tenant? Or is there any way I can link to users of the new tenant to the existing groups I made in the Users modules?

Thank you.

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