how to Add multiple records in reactive web application
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Hi ,

i would like to know how to add multiple products and save that into the database 

i have to add give data and at last all the data should save in the database


Akash G


Hi Akash,

Refer to this very similar post:

If it doesn't help, then if possible share your implementation (.oml file)  with us to help you better.

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith Sam,

not much helpful that one please create a button if i click on that button list item should come and on that i need to add name and that one should save in the database how to do that one..?


Akash G

Hi Akash,

 take a look at my oml file i have attached below.


Hi Akash G,

When clicking in your 'Add' blue button you should point it to a screen action which just list appends or list inserts a new record into a local list variable. That list variable then should be used in a server action 'Save' where inside it you can iterate the list passed as an input parameter and proceed to a single save record into the database. This server action 'Save' should then be called in a screen action linked to your 'Save' button.

This kind of logic should solve your issue.


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