Deploying solution to different outsystems infrastructure- Automation

Hi All,

Did anyone implemented Jenkins pipeline to deploy solution from Outsystems infra A to Outsystems infra B?

I know there is a IPP rights stuff we need to do while deploying to different infrastructures - Just want to check if below scenarios is possible

step 1: create a pipeline in jenkins to Deploy Solution (.OSP) from QA (Infrastructure A) to Github/Bitbucket repository

step 2:Manually download the OSP ang grant the IPP rights and put back the version into to GitHub/BitBucket repository

step 3: Create another pipeline in jenkins for deploying solution from Github/BitBucket to Dev enviornment on Infrastructure B

Has anyone achevied similar to this ? Any help is appreciated!



Hi Naren,

Did implement a Jenkins pipeline, but not between OS Infrastructures.

Beginning 2021 rules around IPP for enterprise licenses has changed, and maybe you should explore this, it would avoid the process of granting IPP.

You nowadays have the following options regarding IPP: protected, unprotected or ignore license. 

And abstract from the link below:

Important update: License files made available from April 2021 onwards are issued with IPP unprotected to ensure you can share your apps with other infrastructures.

By default, the IPP is unprotected, which means your application can be deployed to other infrastructures. To request your IPP be protected, contact support.



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