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Hello again, im stuck in how to implement this asset in my reactive web app, im new with OS and i love it but i have no idea on how to use this authentication logic, i have access to my organization Azure AD and did the first configuration in my AD but idk whats next to implement login.

thanks in advanced.

Hi Eduardo,

For some reason this part of the documentation has been lost. I will try to recreate it in the near future. In short you need to do the following;

To login:

Open the Login action of the Common -> Login page. Change it so it looks like this;

The GetOAuth2AuthenticationURL is from the Microsoft Login Connector. The output of this action is used in the RedirectToUrl widget.  This will enable the login action.

To logoff:

Open the ClientLogout action from the Common -> UserInfo block. Change it so it looks like this;

The output if GetOAuth2LogoutURL is used int he RedirectToUrl widget.

I hope this helps.



Hello Vincent, thank you for your reply.

I still can't make this work, this is what i did:

But i still don't know where i need to put the azure app configuration details app id, secret, etc.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello, you need Microsoft Login Connector Management. Please find it here:


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