[OutSystems Templates Reactive] I'm facing broken references error in OutsystemsTemplateReactive
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11.13.0 (Build 31107)

These days, I updated 3 components (Outsystems SampleData, Outsystems Maps, Outsystems Template Reactive).

After updating and publishing each of them, I got this error in Template Reactive WebApp , which is one of modules for Outsystems Template Reactive.

Also, when I published Maps, I got this waring.

So I published  Outsystems Template Reactive then the below warning comes up too.

And I have only Template Reactve Web App.

Why is this happening?  I tried some publishes in Maps and TemplateReactive, but I can't figure it out.

 I wonder if there is any way to solve it.

Here is currently  each of my component version. (they all are the latest version)


Outsystems Template Reactive : 2.1.0

Outsystems Maps :  1.6.0

Outsystems SampleData  :   2.1.0.

OutSystems Chart :  2.1.1

Outsystems UI  : 2.8.0


 I'd appreciate your advice.


Hi Tsubasa Yoshikawa,

Have you refresh the dependencies of OutSystems Template Reactive before publishing it, if not please refresh it and see the warning still persists. 


Hi Pankaj ,


Actually, before trying that way you mentioned, I reinstalled the latest OutsystemsReactiveTemplate (2.1.0)

OutsystemsMaps, SampleData, Chart ,UI are all the latest version. in this condition, I tried to install  the latest OutsystemsReactiveTemplate.

But, I got this sort of error when uploading.

Then I'm done with upload&publish, and checked OutsystemsReactiveTemplate,

but it's missing TemplateExternalWebportal and ReactiveSampleUserApp and ReactiveWebapp.

My platFormServer version is 11.13.0.  I wonder why this is happening and I'm not sure.

Does this look familiar with you?

Best regards,


The Platform Server 11.14 introduced a new feature that is being used in the application templates and most recent versions, you can take a better look at the breaking change here

You may want to consider upgrading the Platform Server up to 11.14.

Alternative, right now the best component version that suits better your Platform Server version is the OutSystems Templates Reactive 2.0.0 and the dependencies of this version: 

  • OutSystems Charts 2.1.1
  • OutSystems Maps 1.5.1
  • OutSystems UI 2.7.3
  • OutSystems Sample Data 2.0.0


Fábio Vieira

Hi Fábio ,


I just decided to reinstall the older version of both.(it didn't fail when uploading)

  • OutSystems Maps 1.5.0
  • OutSystems TemplateReactive 2.0.0

From then, I updated these two components to the latest one.

And I did "Publish All Consumers" in Module OutSystemsMaps on ServiceCenter.

After that,  I published  the refreshed "Module Template_ReactiveWebApp" .

Now I got to have the latest version of Outsystems Charts, Maps, SampleData, UI , TemplateReactive.

I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if this is all right.


Hi Tsubasa ,

Outsystems Platform support specific versions of component. you can solve this issue by checking versions and their compatibility with other component.

Published the component in order mentioned in checklist.

Hope this way you can resolve the issue.


Sandesh Arjune 

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