Well, I'm really starting to enjoy using Service Studio and my demo is starting to take shape. Only regret is that I didn't find OutSystems sooner and wasting several months evaluating other tools. I must add too, that the entire package, community, forums, training, support etc. make this product quite special!

Now to the questions :)

1. When creating a Web Screen in the MainFlow, the Web Block 'Layout_Normal' is adopted. Is it possible to assign other Layout Web Blocks to a Web Screen? This would make life much easier in a number of themed pages, which when created, require the Layout_Normal to be trashed and each of these web screens to be built up from scratch.

2. In a similar vein, is it possible to assign different themes to different web pages? Yes I can modify either the base theme or inherit values from the local css, but the issue is the css definition of the rich widgets. When I want to tweak a colour in those exceptional pages, for example, then I have to find all those pages where I have modified the rich widget css values.

Thank you,
Hi Mark,

Good to know you've been enjoying the platform.

Now the answers:

1. Absolutely. If I understood correctly what you want to do is replace the Layout_Normal webblock that is automatically placed by another one, but keeping its content. To get this all you have to is drag you new layout webblock from the tree on the right on top of the existing webblock. If the placecholder names are the same for the two layout webblocks their content will be automatically reassigned. If not, you can easily reshufle things using the widget tree found on the top right of your screen.

2. Yes. Themes can be assigned per webflow so if you want a set of pages with one theme and another set with another theme just separate them in two webflows.

Hope this helps.

All the best,
Hi Pedro,

Fantastic, tried it out and works perfectly, thank you.
Must add, this is a very elegant way to do this.

Many thanks too, for taking the time to make screen shots.

Kind regards,