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We are developing Reactive Web application in OutSystems 11. We have over 7000 version of one Espace in Dev environment. I am suspecting OutSystems is taking backup of all the versions in Dev environment as well. Does this impact performance of front end server?

What is the best practice to deal with this too much Espace versions?

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Nitin Chavan

Hey Nitin,

The old eSpace versions won't directly affect the end-user performance, however they take up space in the database from each environment, meaning it might have an impact. 

As a best-practice, you should regularly clean up old eSpace/module versions since they will just increase the DB usage over time, with no real benefit of storing them. You can easily do that via Service Center / Factory / Modules / Check Old Module Versions to Delete.

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To give more detail, I let here the prints from Service Center.

To access the "Check Old Module Versions to Delete":

And then to process the Delete:

You can select the "Older than" like you need and then:

You can delete the displayed versions.

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Thanks @Bogdan Boglea @Ricardo Pereira 

I think modules for which development is in progress are not displayed in this list.

We have team of 5 newbies. We have many versions in development application because of frequent publish :)

Can we use below forge component to delete old version?

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Nitin Chavan

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