How to give different list input for each accordion

In the below .oml file, I have Select Stationary as dropdown tags which in change opens the accordion for each option selected. the accordion contains another dropdown tag belong to school branches which on change stores in a list. The problem is that I can't select different options for school branches for different accordion

For Instance: If I select  drawing books and notebook in select stationary dropdown tag, it open two accordion. In First accordion drawing books If will select banglore and chennai as branch, the same branches will appear for notebook accordion too. 


Hello shalini,

better way used web block instead of direct implemented in screen
I have modified you OML Please check the Demo here is it your requirement ?

I am not sure regarding data or any functionality but as you mention that you don't want the same changes reflected on 2 accordion that is done

hope this will helps you,
Keep coding :)

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande  


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