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Hi, All

What's the difference between using and not using the Cordova plugin?

I understand that the Cordova plugin has its benefits, but I think you can make mobile apps in outsystems without the Cordova plugin...

I don't understand clearly, so please tell me.



Hello Asami,

Cordova takes your web application and renders it within a native WebView. 

A WebView is an application component (like a button or a tab bar) that is used to display web content within a native application. 

You can think of a WebView as a web browser without any of the standard user interface elements, such as a URL field or status bar. The web application running inside this container is just like any other web application that would run within a mobile browser—it can open additional HTML pages, execute JavaScript code, play media files, and communicate with remote servers. This is how the OutSystems apps also work. 

Typically, web-based applications are executed within a sandbox, meaning that they do not have direct access to various hardware and software features on the device.

 A good example of this is the contact database on your mobile device. 

This database of names, phone numbers, emails, and other bits of information is not accessible to a web app. Besides providing a basic framework to run a web app within a native application, Cordova also provides JavaScript APIs to allow access to a wide variety of device features, like the contacts database. These capabilities are exposed through the use of a collection of plugins.

Cordova Plugins provide a bridge between our web application and the device’s native features.

Hi Riyas,

Thank you very much for your kind instruction.
It was clear and easy to understand.





Many functionalities of Cordova are these days also available without Cordova if you use PWA (Progressive Web Apps). This is also available in OutSystems and makes creating mobile apps and distributing them a lot easier. Which functionality do you need?

Hi Verheij,

Thank you very much. I really appreciate.

I could understand that it could be achieved with PWA only, also the benefits of cordova.



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