[Active Directory CORE (Simplified)]  The (&(objectCategory=User)(objectClass=person)(manager=)) search filter is invalid.
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I am facing an issue while trying to search a group in AD.

In Service center I have a log with following title.

The (&(objectCategory=User)(objectClass=person)(manager=)) search filter is invalid.

Thanks for any help.
Meri H.

Hi Meri,

That message indicates that you're searching for a manager in the users list screen. I also have that error when performing a manager search leaving the "Search" field blank.

Will try to improve the component so that doesn't happen.

I was not able to replicate any error on the user search screen. Do you have a screenshot or a small video with the behavior? Also if you have a list with all the errors occurring in service center it might help me find what's going on.

If that doesn't work for you, let me know and we can set up a call so that I can help you.


Hi Renato,

I am having a problem in searching a group. Aparently one time is finding the group and later on No group is found. But I will double check on my side to confirm if everything is correct and will let you know.

Apart from, this I have found a bug.

In case of token update everytime it automatically generates a new password and what I understood it adds to the old one so it comes a point where the password passes the allowed amount of characters in the table so I get an error. The print is attached.


Ah, thank you so much for this.

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