Populating a database with data from Input fields

I have an MS Access database with a form to add data TO the database for the purpose of calculating fluid losses.

The table automatically calculates certain parameters to show estimated fluid loss in one of the text boxes. (i have fields for certain inputs and fields for certain outputs)

I am looking to replicate the same thing on outsystems, I have come a bit unstuck, I can get the basic grasp of creating a database in Outsystems and have managed to make a form page with input fields to populate the database cells I just havent managed to find HOW to connect an input TO a Cell yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hello keith farwell

Now that you have your form created and working the only thing you need is an action that saves your data to the Entity. 

This is an example using the Account samples from Outsystems, il leave the oml so you can take a look.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


Paulo, thank you very much for your answer,  I shall give this a try!

much appreciated

I seem to be getting lost a long the way, if i have a text input box (lets call it Swabs) and I want it to populate a cell (swabcount) on my table (tbldetails)  could someone point me in the right direction, I have tried to follow the layout and direction of the sample you gave me but i seem to be hitting snags.  

My main aim is to have a list of text inputs (for numbers) which will at some point give a calculation at the bottom.

No data will be saved to the table in the long run

I have (somehow) managed to get the box to fill data in the table :)

is it possible to help change the Save button actions, currently it takes me to the table and shows me the data where I just want it to stay on the current page and have the data saved

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