how to create a getquote form ...?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.14.8 (Build 58515)
Platform Version
11.14.1 (Build 34445)

hello everyone, I am a beginner in the OutSystems. I am creating a GetQuote form for myself.

I need to implement add- quantity and add-in button(add to cart kind of ) that will add the product in JSON directly or anyone can help me by telling me the way that I can implement it easily how can I get the desired output invoice which will have the calculated cost of entered quantity. at last, I want to implement the send to mail that I can do but from adding into an object and getting the correct invoice I am not getting how to do it. I have attached my OML file kindly have a look and please help me.



Hello there!! Have a look at this answer and the OML it has some interesting logic to you to see how to implement the add to cart kind of. There are some other examples on the forge that you can see.

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Thanks marcio for your help .

i have already visited your suggestion but here i am doing different thing like i need to add quantity and then save in the list. for that i need some solution or hint how can i do that .

thanks vaibhav 

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