Understanding BPT Process Limits

We have a process that is based on BPT (not Light process) see below. I know that we can only run 10 concurrent instances per front end server, but I'm not sure what would constitute a "concurrent instance". For example, in my code below, once I start the process is that taking up one of my 10 concurrent threads until it reaches the end node or does it release a thread back to the server between steps (e.g. waiting for human activity) thus allowing another process to start working? 

Also, can someone help explain exactly what the ServiceCenter processes screen headings mean (Suspended Instances, Active Instances with Errors and Active Instances) as these don't seem to match up with the limit on 10 instances per server so I'm not sure what it's telling me when it says there are 18 Active Instances


Hello Richard,

You can have more than 10 BPT running simultaneously. For instance, imagine you have a BPT process to support the screening of candidates in a recruitment use case. You can have more than 10 candidates being recruited (for instance, on the manual task "Hiring Manager to review candidate CV" or something like that).

But if you close multiple activities, for instance, it will be taking up the 10 slots, and the 11th one would need to wait for a slot to be open.

Regarding the second question, processes should be handled very carefully, because you may change the BPT process in Service Studio and eventually do breaking changes, like removing an activity from the BPT which happens to be the current activity of an instance. In that case, it will get suspended. You can read more about the status on the impact of changing the BPT and its status here

Kind Regards,

Thank you Joao. That helps a lot.

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