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Hi Team ,

I need to set up a server side validation where in when user click on submit in a form without filling the mandatory fields , an error message should occur.

form fields :- Name , Address, city -> mandatory fields 

step by step validation -> if name filed is blank then it should show Enter name 

if name and city is blank - then it should validate one by one , first it should show enter name , after that it should show enter city ..

please help me 

Hi Shain,

If you submit a form without filling the mandatory fields, a message will appear.

You should set up some custom client-side validations where you verify all those fields with built-on validations.

Check more information about Form Validations here.

If you have more questions, let me know.


Diogo Reis

Hello Shain,

In a Reactive App, you have the option to use Client-side validation to make sure certain inputs are not empty, in your example, you can ensure that the Name, City, and Address are filed. 

If you still prefer Server-side validation you must disable the built-in validations option on the form button.

and create an Action to validate your data on the server, this should include a way to send any errors back .

I'm attaching an oml with an example of Server-side and client-side validations with custom errors messages. 

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário


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