Link to best apps made on Outsystems

Hi Everyone,

Looking for UI inspiration for my Outsystems Project
Can anyone please confirm which are the best web sites/mobile apps made on outsystems?

Hey Saif,

Most OutSystems clients won't make their apps public, but I suggest you take a look over the existing OutSystems UI templates:

You should make an idea of what can be built using OutSystems and the templates provide a nice overview of most UI widgets available in the framework.


Hi @Bogdan Boglea   , 

Thank you for your valuable reply.
I think i messed up with some of the files of dependencies.. Could you confirm how i can delete them so that i could reinstall them again..
I tried using DB on steroids but it is not working


Hi Bogdan,
I downloaded the template file you sent but it is showing as hidden or inactive.. Could you please confirm how can i look at them


This are template apps, you should try creating a new Reactive module and then create a Screen. In the new screen dialog you should have a number of different templates to choose from. You should see something like this:


Also, would downloading and using these templates affect the performance in my personnal environment?


The templates are just a guideline of what OutSystems can provide in terms of UI. You can re-design them and use data from your own entities, but performance is not directly affected by having the templates app in your environment.

Also, you said you want to delete them, maybe it can be done via ServiceCenter.

Hi @Bogdan Boglea ,
How can i hide suppported apps and dependecnies
Could you please help

If I understood the question correctly, if you want to hide them, you can go to the settings for Service Studio:

 and there is this option:

It is quite a good question, actually.

You can check the Order Management for some small 3-Layer Architecture example:

For a Case Management Framework example, they always give the OutTracker by OutSystems. It also follows a nice 3-Layer Architecture structure:

Pretty much every application from any of the OutSystems' teams should be fine. As far as I have seen most of them follow the best practices most of the time ;)

A lot more advanced is the Application Framework set of applications (Reactive and Traditional Web) by @Justin James. However, this is more for the boilerplate around the actual application, and not a full-blown sample application. 

You can check his articles on Medium, along with those of @Leonardo Fernandes, @Remco Dekkinga and the other guys - some high quality content.

BTW you can set a tick on Apps on the Forge and see what the top downloaded results are. Haven't gone through most of them, but I am pretty much sure, they are all fine:

Good luck ;)

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